Why Choose Us

We know there are other options out there to treat sleep related issues. However, they tend to have similar outcomes of dissatisfaction and even failure afterwards. At Charlotte Sleep Solutions we believe that our office and patient become a team to treat a patient’s needs together. With us joining your team, we set out to provide you with the following:

What Sets Us Apart?

Natural, Holistic Mindset

Our approach to sleep treatment is guided by the understanding that the body is capable of correcting itself with some assistance. Medication and surgery have their place. However, any parent would want to know if their child was undergoing unnecessary surgery or if they were only solving the symptom but not the root cause when if their child received braces.

State-of-the-Art Medical Tech

We use advanced digital imaging to maximize your treatment options and be confident the option selected is the best treatment option. A CBVT scan (3D digital X-Ray) during your appointment will give us not just a detailed look at your anatomy, but also let us see any potential obstructions to your airway passages.

Dedicated Care To The Finish Line

Your care isn’t complete when you receive your appliance. Your adjustment and follow up appointments are included in your treatment. We measure your sleep health at the beginning and end of treatment for visible progress.

An Extended Team

A team of medical professionals are working on your treatment plan to ensure the best solution is reached. Medical colleagues, advisors and a specialized lab review your case. We also work with the doctors in your life to coordinate your sleep treatment with other medical care and keep them informed on your progress.

The Best Care Made Affordable

At Charlotte Sleep we don’t want to see anyone turn down life changing treatment for financial reasons. We have created a zero down financing plan flexible to your needs. There is no credit penalty for checking eligibility. You can give us a call for more info.