Home Sleep Testing in North Carolina

Why do I need a sleep test?

The only way a doctor can diagnose obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and other sleep disorders is through a polysomnography (sleep study). This test records your brain waves, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and breathing events as you sleep.

A recent test is required for sleep treatment at our Charlotte Sleep Solutions office. Some ask why they can’t get a snore appliance without a sleep test. This is because oral appliances vary in treatment certification. 

Sleep Test Options

If you live in North or South Carolina, we can get you a home sleep test as soon as possible and get you started TODAY. The turn around time for the entire home sleep testing process is about 2 weeks. Our home sleep testing team will give you all the information ahead of any decisions for the home sleep test so you know exactly how much it costs, if you medical insurance is contributing to your cost, and we answer all of your questions.

To get started with a home sleep test, fill out your patient information on this secure form at this link:

Home Sleep Test Request Form

You can also potentially receive a home sleep test through your primary care physician or go to a sleep center that performs in-lab sleep tests. The benefit of getting a sleep test through our referral process is expediency, low cost and home comfort/natural sleeping environment. We do not profit from sleep testing.

Most insurances will assist with the cost. Renting a home sleep test has never been easier and more cost effective.

Contact us today if you have any questions!