Snoring Treatment in Charlotte

What is Snoring?

When we sleep our throat muscles relax and the soft tissues behind the tongue rest backward because of the horizontal position we are in. This reduces the airway’s volume. The soft tissues behind the tongue are so close to the rear of the throat that air rushing through the airway causes the tissues to vibrate. We call this vibration snoring.

Snoring is not normal

These vibrations, snoring, are a form of upper airway obstruction. Reduced airflow or oxygen to the body is the result. The severity of obstruction can only be determined by a sleep test. 

Snoring loudly and regularly is almost always a sign of sleep apnea. Our doctor strongly advises snorers to get a home sleep test through us, their doctor or take an in-lab sleep test to be certain OSA is not occurring. We do not profit from sleep testing. 

Most insurances will assist with the cost. Renting a home sleep test has never been easier and more cost effective. 

My Snoring is Not OSA. What Now?

Now that OSA has been eliminated, our doctor can fabricate a snoring appliance designed to comfortably fit your mouth and stop your snoring at night. Your appliance will be adjusted to the precise  position that is most effective and comfortable for you.

Free of Snoring Naturally

If you like the idea of one day not having to depend on any device to stop snoring for the rest of your life, there is an all-natural snoring solution that may be right for you called Vivos Therapeutics. To learn more click below.

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