Vivos® for Adults

Why Vivos® to Treat Snoring and OSA?

The Vivos oral appliance can correct problems causing TMJ pain, obstructive sleep apnea, orthodontic teeth crowding, upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS) and many postural problems. This is because the root cause of all these issues are closely related to airway constriction. Click here for the article that explains how a compromised airway happens.

The Vivos device works by stimulating bone growth in the mouth, face and nasal passageways. Or simply put, the treatment results in increasing the size of the upper airway and improving the upper and lower jaws with permanent bone growth. By using your own body’s stem cells and increasing the upper airway size, your night time airway obstruction issue is reversed. This leaves you with a healthy, properly developed airway and restful sleep and function of your jaws can be restored. With over  15,000 successful patient cases worldwide, it is FDA cleared for treatment.

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